Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

plitvice lakes croatia

Plitvice Lakes was one destination on my bucketlist before I started traveling. I probably won’t be satisfied in life if I don’t visit there again – it’s that amazing. We stayed in the largest city in Croatia, Zagreb for a few nights. We had a group of 7, so we rented an apartment near the […]

Dubrovnik Daze

Dubrovnik, Croatia. Best known for the main filming site for Game of Thrones. Such a breathtaking place to see, explore, and indulge in. The ‘Old Town’ part of the city is enclosed by one giant wall, which you can walk on top of. You can see it pictured above. This area is where most of […]

Vienna Vibes

vienna castle

Vienna, Austria. A beautiful beautiful city! Unfortunately, I only explored this city for about one full day, but I will still offer tips on what to do, even if I didn’t do them! Where to stay? Vienna is a pretty big city and there are tons of cool neighborhoods surrounding it. The main attractions are […]

You’re Beautiful, Spain


Spain, what isn’t there to like about it… Warm weather, happy people. The whole country pretty much shuts down in the afternoon for a ‘siesta’ (nap). Be prepared. We trained into Spain using our Eurail Pass (Europe train pass), and the ride in was absolutely gorgeous. The colors and variety in landscape was stunning. Of […]

Danke, Germany

castle germany

I’m German. A lot of people from Wisconsin are. I was really excited to go there because it’s where I’m from! I wasn’t surprised when the landscape reminded me a lot of my home state, (besides the mountains of course). We trained into Munich, Germany and walked from the train station to our hotel, Art […]

Switzerland Beauty

Have you ever been to heaven? I mean Switzerland? Seriously this place is unreal. SO green…nothing but lakes and mountains and pretty flowers. If you love nature and outdoor activities, Switzerland is for you. We trained into Zurich, Switzerland and stayed at a hotel near the train station. We got into the city really late, […]

Venice, Italy

You’ll probably train into Venice, and when you get there you will fall in love…We all know how romantic Venice is supposed to be, and it truly is. Right out of the train station there are water taxis you can take. Take the public form of transportation they offer (yes its on the water, there […]