Marketing Magic

The book read: Permission Marketing by Seth Godin This book is a wonderful persuasion as to why you should focus solely on permission marketing instead of interruption marketing. Everyday we are interrupted by thousands of ads, (commercials, print ads, radio ads, etc), that create a lot of clutter in our lives. We are unlikely to pay […]

Wake Up!

The book read: Waking Up by Sam Harris This is a book about training yourself to be mindful, and what mindfulness is. It teaches you to take away the illusion of the self, and feel as if you are one with everything. Meditation is the method used to reach these goals. It’s a good read […]

Like A Virgin

The book read: Like A Virgin by Richard Branson Richard Branson is a highly liked and respected entrepreneur, who founded the Virgin Group, which is comprised of around 400 companies. These companies include Virgin Mobile, Virgin Airlines, and Virgin Records…to name a few. The billionaire tells stories about his first business in high school and […]

Change is Growth

The book read: The New New Thing by Michael Lewis This book is about the life of billionaire Jim Clark, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and overall interesting character. Learn about how Jim paved the way for the tech world, all of his inventions and companies, and how he still had fun doing it. Michael Lewis […]

The Alchemist

This book, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho has to be one of the most, if not the most, popular “Fable(s) about following your dreams.” This book is a very easy read, fascinating story, and truly inspiring. Especially for me, who read this when I was traveling, I really took a lot away from it! My thoughts: Your […]

Business Adventures

The book read: Business Adventures by John Brooks This book is a wonderful wonderful read about extremely interesting stories and scandals that happened throughout time, to the most powerful companies in the world. There is always something to learn from others mistakes! Each chapter tells a different story, about a different event that occurred in […]

Jack Ma is THE Man.

This one’s short and sweet friends. The book described below is an easy read and extremely intriguing. Find out why! Alibaba’s World by Porter Erisman is a fascinating story about, “How a remarkable Chinese company is changing the face of global business”…to say the least. Jack Ma. Chinese teacher gone billionaire. Creator of, the largest […]

Healthy Mind, Healthy Life

Another wonderful book read: The Undefeated Mind, by Alex Lickerman, MD. He tells his life story and the many struggles he went through. He trained his mind through meditation and other practices to regain strength and control of his life. His advice on achieving an undefeated mind is next to none, and a must read! My questions […]

Moss Rules

I don’t always read about nature, but when I do, it’s usually about plants. Plants are pretty amazing…the amount of uses us humans have for them is incredible, and we hardly know it. I enjoy learning all about gorgeous, lush plants and their healing power. I read Gathering Moss, by scientist Robin Wall Kimmerer and was totally […]