Tees for Bees – Saving the Bees One Tee at a Time

tees for bees

Tees for Bees

Did you know? 

“Pollinators transfer pollen and seeds from one flower to another, fertilizing the plant so it can grow and produce food. Cross-pollination helps at least 30 percent of the world’s crops and 80 percent of our wild plants to thrive. Without bees to spread seeds, many plants—including food crops—would die off.” (Source here)

For this reason exactly, I support companies like Tees for Bees that are donating at least 10% of their profits to organizations that are working to maintain and grow the bee population. They specifically donate to Bee City, who is a group that lives in the USA and Canada whose mission is to,  “inspire cities, towns, First Nations, schools, businesses and other organizations to take action to protect pollinators.” (Source here)

Tees for Bees are spreading the word of saving the bees by crafting cute tee shirts (and more)!

tees for bees
tees for bees

I had the pleasure of connecting with Kelly, an ex corporate business women turned nomad-living-entrepreneur, who founded Tees for Bees. I asked her some questions regarding how she gained inspiration for the company, the journey she and the business have been on, and where it’s going in the future! Read on…


Can you tell me about you, and where you got inspiration to create Tees for Bees?

In early 2017, I got tired of working for a corporation that didn’t align with my values and decided to create a company that did. I quit my job, invested all my time into this endeavor, and I never looked back. Tees For Bees was created out of a love for nature and and everything in it.

Bee populations have been on decline since the late 1990’s, which is troublesome because bees are deeply connected with many ecosystems and they pollinate 80% of all flowering plants, including most of the crops we eat. The declining bee population is also representative of a larger issue: the destructive effects that we as human beings are having on nature as a whole. Nothing in nature operates in a vacuum; if the bees are in decline, so too is the health of our planet, and by extension, our health as human beings. If we want to help nature, I believe we should start with the bees.

Read more about how Kelly quit her job and pursued her real calling – truly inspirational, full of truths, and worth a read:


tees for bees
Kelly @tsforbees

Is this your full-time job? What are your favorite pastimes? 

This is my full-time job but I still have to waitress to make ends meet! Pastimes include hanging out with dogs, crossword puzzles, and anything involving nature.

How did you find Bee City? Can you share more about what they do?

I was trying to find the most legitimate bee charity in North America/the organization that seemed to be doing the most to help the bees. After some researching online, Bee City seemed like a great fit. I met up with the leader of the Canadian branch, Shelly, in Toronto, and knew right away it would be a great group to team up with. They are passionate not only about the bees but about the planet, and they work with municipal governments, schools, and businesses to make the world a more bee-friendly place. They do lots of educating and making sure given groups are following bee-friendly guidelines. Thanks to them, elementary students are planting bee friendly gardens, and mayors of cities are creating policies to make cities more safe for bees!

tees for bees

What have been your greatest challenges? 

Believing in myself and having the motivation to keep going even when I have doubts about success. Working alone is also challenging, I’ve kind of had to figure out how to be an entrepreneur/run a business/everything all by myself which is intimidating!

What is your favorite part about operating this business?

I love getting to work for a cause that I’m passionate about, I love that my work helps the planet, and I love that my efforts go to furthering my own dream instead of someone else’s.

Who designs the products? 

tees for bees

I design the products myself, and my awesome ambassador team comes up with designs and provides input as well!

How/what was the process of finding suppliers? 

I knew I needed to find suppliers that used ethical practices, and after doing some online research I found a supplier in California that prints out of the US and sources from sweatshop free factories. It’s more expensive but of course worth it.

tees for bees

What do you see for the future of Tees for Bees?

Our goal is to be the largest donor to saving the bees in the world! I would love for us to become known as “THE save the bees company”.

A piece of inspiration/advice for my followers based off your experiences? 

Don’t quit your day dream! If you think your job is making you miserable, it probably is. Life is too short to settle for anything that you don’t love.

What is the best way to contact you? 

Email me at hello@tsforbees.com anytime! 🙂

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I love bringing awareness to people and missions like this, because you guys, like Kelly said, life is WAY too short to not spend it doing something that you aren’t truly in love with. Take that extra step to make your life what you want it to be!

I hope you were able to learn something from Kelly and her business, and please don’t hesitate to check out the beautiful products her company provides! Again, much more than just tee’s…

 Website: https://tsforbees.com/

Instagram: @tsforbees




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