How to find cheap flights


How to find cheap flights

It’s a common misconception that different flight deal websites and platforms will get you better flight prices. Flight websites can’t offer prices any lower than what the airline is selling the flight for – they can only help you find the best deals. For example, the best dates to fly, and the cheapest destinations to go to.

I have a few go-to websites that will show in-your-face low fares, from your nearest airport to various destinations. These websites are great to use if you’re flexible on dates and/or destination. They will usually have you enter your departure airport, then show you the cheapest flights available from that airport to multiple destinations on the most optimal dates.

Best USA fare sites

Enter your departing airport and find the best deals.


Same concept as above – enter your departing airport and let the deals commence.


Best Europe fare sites

This site will have you select one of their departure origins, and then show you a list of all of their destinations (in alphabetical order), with the best prices per month. Wowair is one of the fastest growing budget European airlines that is constantly adding more departure airports within the US.


This is another budget airline, that is expanding quickly into the USA. I like Norwegian Air’s website because it’ll show you a “low fare calendar” and lay out the best time to take your trip.


For all other destinations – I would recommend using, Kayak, Expedia and Momondo. Read on…

If you have a specific destination in mind, you’ll want to use a search engine that will search all of the airlines at once, like to find the cheapest dates to travel. Use the calendar on google flights to see when the best times to fly are. One thing to know is that Southwest will not show up in any search engine – so you need to head directly to their website for their fares.



Once you find the cheapest dates, head over to Momondo, Kayak or Expedia which will scan all the airlines and/or flight deal websites, again, to look for best fares. There are times that I’ve seen a fare posted on google flights, and then I’ll go to one of the other platforms and there will be lower prices. No one is perfect, right? Momondo is my favorite (shout out Scott’s cheap flights for putting me on). You can use these mediums for domestic or international.

Scroll over the bar on the dates your interested in to see the prices.


Sometimes it can help to search in an incognito google tab. Your search history may be tracked by google and the airlines, so they can predict that you’re going to book, and raise the flight price on you. Sometimes if I am doing a lot of searches, I’ll go to book in a completely different browser. Also, once I find my optimal dates and destination, I’ll book directly with the airline (on their website).

Another way to fineness flights is to fly one airline on your departing route, and a different on the return flight. You don’t HAVE to fly the same airline round trip. I almost always search for, and book 2 one-ways for the best fares. These platforms I’m recommending will find you the cheapest combinations of one-ways. Remember to take advantage of travel credit cards as well!

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