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jord watch

It’s watch season ya’ll. We’re coming back to times of sweaters and coats and what will match perfectly with any fit? A Jord watch, of course. I love nature, so if I can get a watch, made of wood, that’s extremely quality, I’m all about that ish. I’m so happy that I can share the love with you.

jord watch
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I like earthy toned clothes, because I’m an earthy kind of gal…so these wood watches match perfectly. Heart eyes.

wood watch

My watch is called the “Cassia” and you can find it here. For me, it’s the perfect mix of gold and dark wood.

They also get an A++ for packaging and accessories. Did I mention how quality these bad boys are? Legit. They give you everything you need to keep your watching looking beautiful, including different cleaning clothes, and a marker to fill in scratches. Plus, the wood box it comes in has a magnetic top, and can be used as a placeholder for your watch.

jord watch


The best thing is happening for us all…Tell Jord which watch is your favorite and get 25% off your Jord watch!!

This is an ideal gift, you guys. I wouldn’t miss this deal!


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