Hanging Lake and Tacos

hanging lake colorado

Hanging Lake, Colorado is one of the most visited spots in the state due to it’s insanely clear, turquoise water flowing from “hanging” waterfalls. See for yourself…

hanging lake colorado

hanging lake colorado

These falls are supplied by a much larger, bustling waterfall directly above. It’s just a short hike up to the large falls from Hanging Lake. You can walk behind the falls too!

hanging lake

The downside (depending on how you look at it) of Hanging Lake is that the parking lot is very small, and if there isn’t some place to park you either need to wait, or come back. The parking lot usually fills by 7 am. So, it’s highly recommended that you go as early in the morning as possible (especially on a weekend). I attempted to go that early, but arrived around 8 am and waited for about 45 minutes…not terrible. Trust me, the beauty of this place is worth the wait.

hanging lake colorado

The Hike

It’s a 1.2 mile hike with a 1,000 ft. climb in elevation. In other words, it’s not the easiest. There are tons of gorgeous little waterfalls along the trail the entire way up, which makes for a more tolerable experience. Not to mention, the views of Glenwood Canyon are beautiful. The hike took me around 1.5 hours round trip, but I was traveling rather quickly…definitely plan to be there for a few hours! Even though the hike is a real climb, you’ll be fine wearing your tennis shoes.

hanging lake

glenwood canyon colorado

People often refer to Hanging Lake as the smaller version of Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, which is incredibly gorgeous as well.  Check out my Plitvice Lakes blog here.

The Tacos

After your hike, you need a delicious, well deserved meal. There is a gem of a taco place in the nearest town, Glenwood Springs, called Slope & Hatch. It was rated the #9 taco restaurant in the U.S. by Business Insider in 2017! They open at 11 am, so if you do the hike super early you may need to stroll around town for a bit before.

slope & hatch

slope and hatch colorado

I got the falafel and fish tacos, but they all sounded scrumptious.

slope & hatch colorado
slope & Hatch colorado

What better way to start a day, than a rewarding hike to gorgeous waterfalls and enjoying amazing tacos after?!


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