9 Natural Wonders of Wisconsin

kohler andre state park
Here are 9 of my favorite natural places in Wisconsin. Put down the beer and cheese Wisconsinites (or bring it with) and get outside to see these beauties!
1. Witches Gulch | Wisconsin Dells
This massive gorge is extremely picturesque with the moss walls and wooden boardwalk running through it!
witches gulch wi
Photo @the1deycalldick

2. Amnicon Falls State Park | South Range

This state park is home to 10+ waterfalls, covered bridges, swimming holes, and it’s very own campground. Amnicon Falls is one of MANY waterfall sites in Wisconsin…check out more here.

3. Kohler-Andrae State Park | Sheboygan

This is the closet to sand dunes you’re going to get in the greater Milwaukee area. A perfect place to camp, hike, and relax on the beach!

kohler andre state park

4. Lion’s Den | Grafton

This place is so much more than just a view of gorgeous Lake Michigan. There are endless hiking trails that lead you to beautiful wood bridges crossing steep, green ravines and lush landscape. You can also hike along the bluff forever, overlooking the second best thing to the ocean. 🙂

lion's den wisconsin

5. Horicon Marsh | Horicon

This marsh is absolutely massive! There are boardwalks and trails throughout which make for a nice hike. The most amazing thing about it is all of the diverse wildlife you will see, especially the cranes and swans.

horicon marsh wisconsin

6. Parfey’s Glen | Baraboo

Parfey’s Glen is a moss-walled gorge filled with a little stream, that leads to a waterfall. It’s an easy hike in and out, and a wonderful place to cool off for a bit!

parfeys glenn wisconsin
Photo @blake.huff

7. Pewit’s Nest | Baraboo

Another massive gorge, but this one is extra special…There are endless waterfalls throughout, and you can swim and even cliff jump. On either side of the gorge are farm fields, making it a hidden gem. Oh, and this picture does no justice to its size!

pewitts nest wisconsin
Photo @ryan.mccarty333

8. Harrington Beach State Park | Belgium 

Easily one of my favorite places in Wisconsin. Yes it is a beach, but also is filled with miles of hiking trails through the most lush ferns, where you can spot deer feet away. Not to mention, it’s home to some of the most secluded campsites in Wisconsin.

harrington beach state park wisconsin

9. Paradise Springs | Eagle

Truly a diamond in the ruff… these springs have some of the most colorful and lush underwater plants I have ever seen!

paradise springs wisconsin


 I really love waterfalls. Contrary to popular belief, there are TONS of stunning falls all through the state. Check out the ultimate Wisconsin waterfall tour here!
Thanks for reading, Cheers!

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