Epic effortless camping – Blue Lakes, CO


Blue Lakes has to be one of the most epic places to camp, explore, fish, hike, and just visit in Colorado! This gem is tucked away in Breckenridge, about 30 minutes from the ski village. You can drive up to about 11,500 ft. where you can take the (easier) route up the 14er (Quandary Peak), camp, or just enjoy the views! There are little waterfalls scattered throughout, tons of wildlife, and beautiful wildflowers.

I’ve been here twice now…each time camping in a different spot. There are campsites surrounding the lower lake, but you’ll need 4 wheel drive to make it to those. There are also campsites along the road as you drive to the top, and at the top. Since you’re up high and it’s open, it can be windy…make sure to pay close attention to your fire!

Upper lake

You may encounter marmots and mountain goats…This goat below got a little too close for comfort to me (they can be dangerous) so keep your distance!

mountain goat

My second time camping here I found a little spot along the road on the way up.


This place is nothing short of picturesque.

If you visit in the summer, you’ll be blessed with a beautiful day in the 70’s. It will get down to about 35 to 40 degrees at night, so prepare accordingly.

Don’t forget the brews…


beer camp

or the corn.

camping food

Why is this effortless camping? Because it’s with your car. You can sleep in your car if you’d really like. Also, the campsites are very easy to spot.

I understand that you may want to camp in a place like this for a vacation, but don’t want to haul a bunch of gear with you. Here are some quality places that offer rental of everything you’ll need:

Lower Gear

Mountain Side Gear Rental

Outdoors Geek


I, clearly, highly recommend this spot..pay it a visit! It makes for effortless camping with amazing views.



Drive south on CO-9 through Breckenridge and turn right onto Blue Lakes Rd.


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