7 Netflix wonders that will inspire you to travel

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Obsessed. Or at least was, while it lasted. These long lost film school friends decide to take on the trip of a lifetime and document every move, going to some of the most unique and amazing places all over the world. Their contrasting serious and funny personalities make for some real entertainment. In 3 seasons, they travel to a different place/country every episode (42) and do and see as much as they can. This series gives me ideas and inspiration for what to do on my own journeys, and hopefully will do the same for you!


Living on One Dollar

These guys right here. How hard do you think it would be to live on just $1 per day? Well watch and learn my friends. These 4 brave souls find themselves in rural Guatemala, battling every day to prove they can accomplish ultimate budget living. If you think traveling is expensive, think again…be inspired!

Anthony Bourdain – Parts Uknown 

If you don’t know who Mr. Bourdain is (author, chef, world traveler, show host, etc. etc.) well now you do. He’s absolutely awesome and I love all the content he puts out into this world! His unforgiving, fearless, and overall bad ass personality makes watching him travel all over the globe, just to find the best food, priceless. As a professional chef, this man knows his food, and makes sure to meet with brilliant culinary experts that feed him greatness. This is a go-to show, anywhere, anytime. If you’re a foodie like me, this will without a doubt inspire you to travel.

Desert Runners

Have you ever run a marathon? Me neither. Would you run an ultra marathon in the effing desert? Probably not anytime soon, but these super humans do. Seriously wow…if this doesn’t inspire you to do everything you want in life, then I am just stuck. These non-professional runners attempt to complete 4 ultra marathons (at least 30 miles) in gorgeous places yet brutal deserts: China, Egypt, Antarctica, &  Chile. The film captures their intense mindsets, take notes.

The Barkley Marathons

Back at it with the runners. This one is a bit more light-hearted, as it was created and is hosted by a single run-loving man, in the heart of Tennessee. Registration includes bringing a flannel, white socks and white tee, a state license plate, a pack of cigarettes, or $1.60…This “race” (most people don’t finish) consists of either 60 miles, or 100 miles, depending on how the runner is feeling. They have 60 hours to complete this…yikes. It takes place in a State Forest, with the trail “lightly” marked, with major elevation and tread changes. Watch people get lost, take the lead, and fight their way through this entertaining adventure.

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Jiro Dreams of Sushi

This guy is just overall inspiring. Life goals type ish. Jiro is considered one of the best sushi chefs in the world by many, with his restaurant randomly tucked away in the subway of Tokyo.  People literally need to call months in advance to be able to get a seat here. This 85 year old man shows you just how resilient people are from all different walks of life, and should make you want to experience their culture.

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Man on Wire

If you’re afraid of something in life, take some time to watch this. This guy lives for tight roping in insane places, like across the twin towers. This should prove to you the extreme measures people take for satisfaction, and how far we can truly push ourselves. Want to do something you think you can’t do? Hey! I bet you can.

Valley Uprising

Insane climbers free climb the nearly impossible Yosemite. Their free spirits are constantly at battle with the park rangers, as they live out of vans and party all day and night. I can’t imagine risking my life, to that extent, for the satisfaction of saying you’ve climbed a (massive) rock…these humans are extra!

Valley Uprising – IMDB

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