Springin’ into Colorado

pikes peak colorado springs

I recently moved from Milwaukee to Denver and I’m finally getting a chance to get out and explore!

Colorado Springs is the second largest city in Colorado next to Denver, and neighbors Pikes Peak – the highest summit of the southern Front Range of the Rocky Mountains (Elevation 14,115 ft). It’s surrounded by gorgeous rock formations which make for some pretty special views. I spent a day in Colorado Springs and can’t wait to go back to see more!

On my drive from Denver, I pulled off at a scenic lookout point for this view of Pikes Peak…

pikes peak colorado

I made my first stop at Seven Falls, which is a series of…you guessed it…7 waterfalls. Besides the main 7, there are tons of little falls in the creek along the way. It’s also in a canyon, so there are huge, colorful rock walls surrounding you. It’s very “touristy” and costs $14 to get in…but I still recommend it – because it’s absolutely gorgeous.

seven falls colorado

You can walk or take a tram up to the main waterfalls. I suggest you walk (it’s only .8 miles) because this…

seven falls colorado

At the “top” there is food/drinks for sale and even a restaurant. The size of the falls is stunning! The stairs leading up to the top of the falls are steep and tiring but so worth the views… Check out the colorful trout in the water too.

seven falls colorado

trout colorado

seven falls colorado

When you go up the stairs, you’ll find hiking trails at the top. Make sure you venture to Midnight Falls as well – probably named after its color.

midnight falls colorado

Butterfly 🙂


Seven Falls is an awesome place, and a must visit in Colorado Springs. Another place you must visit is where I went next – Garden of the Gods. It has this name for a reason…

garden of the gods

Garden of the Gods itself consists of the orangish-red rock formations sprinkled throughout the foothills of the mountains. The backdrop of Pikes Peak makes the contrast of colors an incredible sight. I’m actually happy it was basically storming when I was there, because it made the contrast that much stronger!

garden of the gods

garden of the gods colorado

You can drive through the park, and stop at various points for pictures or to hike on one of the many trails. The views in all directions are beautiful.

garden of the gods colorado

There is so much more to see, just in Colorado Springs, and I can’t wait to explore and share it all with you!

Cheers friends and thanks for reading 🙂

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