The Hammock Life Chose Me


I recently obtained a Mad MTN Outdoors Hammock and love it so much, I can’t not share it with you. I’ve owned a few other hammocks in the past, and this one is my favorite indeed!


First things first…the color! I love the bright orange that most other hammock companies don’t offer. It’s quality is undeniable…I am especially impressed with the straps. I like to put the hammock as high as possible, which usually means I have to jump into it…let’s just say it passes the jump-into test.

I hike a lot, and always bring a small pack with me. This hammock is lightweight, and the entire package (straps and hammock) aren’t taking up a lot of space in my pack.

Although it’s compact when packed up, that doesn’t take away from it’s size…it can easily fit 2 people (up t0 400 lb’s).


The best part about hammocks is you can sit back (or lay), relax, and enjoy the view.



Last but not least, the price…just under $30! I’ve used ENO hammocks that sell for about $60 and I’d recommend this Mad MTN Hammock over that any day. It also comes in blue! 🙂

Get yours here!

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  1. hammocks is useful things and this things also useful for adventurer lover, actually mostly adventure lover spent night at the adventure lover thus mostly adventure lover parched this things. you have mentioned hammocks price so useful for adventure lover.

  2. Hey there Abigail.
    I’m happy to see the hammock life chose you too. I have loved hammocks since I was a kid, and now as an adult, the love has grown. I can’t imagine life without it. Being a traveller and adventurer, I can always rely on the hammock to get some rest and let the fatigue out as I look up to the stars.
    PS, I love your orange hammock.

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