18 Unbelievable Waterfalls In Bali That Most Tourists Don’t Visit

Bali Waterfall

The island of Bali is filled with incredible landscape including various waterfalls for you to explore. If you’re going to Bali for the beauty, you have to visit at least a few of these falls to make your stay complete.

A few things to know about trekking waterfalls in Bali…(1) It’s really hot outside..dress appropriately and bring lots of water. You can also swim in them! (2) It’s usually quite a hike to get to them, down stairs, through the jungle. (3) You usually need to pay a very small entrance fee…$1 USD or so. (4) Not all are seen regularly by tourists so ask locals if you need help. (5) Some are only present during rainy season so do your research. (6) Rent a motorbike and go find them yourself!


This waterfall is not just one fall, but a series of many gorgeous falls.  Most people park at the top, and start from the top. There are trails that will take you all the way down…The falls continue past what we hiked. You don’t need a guide to find these, but will pay 20,000 IDR ($1.50 USD) to get in. Expect to spend a lot of time here, there is so much to see…keep your eyes peeled, there are little waterfalls everywhere! The water is chilly but I highly recommend you take a dip at the top. In the photos below you can see people propelling down the waterfall, which as an option for you too! (You’d need to book a tour to do this in Ubud) The surrounding greenery and flowers make Gitgit extra special.

Stairs leading to upper falls
Me in Gitgit’s upper falls



Hidden waterfalls all around!

GPS Coordinates      (-8.1855614,115.1341257)


Only if you’re feeling really adventurous will you make it to this waterfall…As the road down to it is hardly big enough for a car, and extremely rough. The hike down is also steep and muddy. On the way down however, you’ll notice that there are waterfalls coming from every which direction through the lush green vines – so gorgeous! The waterfall itself is huge, has a chilly pool of water for you to swim in, and there’s even a little changing room for you to put your suit on. You’ll pay a 15,000 IDR entrance fee (just over $1 USD).



GPS Coordinates     (-8.2171309,115.1019039)


You’ll see signs for Sekumpul waterfall on your drive to Gitgit Waterfall. The signs lead you to the hike-in spot. This is one of the largest in Bali, just over 100 meters! There is a small staircase that will take you to the bottom of the fall where you can swim and relax. Not many tourists make it to the crystal clear waters of this fall.

Image via ubudadventures.com
Image @irfanpermana15

GPS Coordinates      (8.1780078,115.1828473)


These falls are located very close to Sekumpul, which was mentioned above. A trickier hike in, and you can only swim during rainy season when the bottom pools are full. As you can see the 3 separate falls make it massive – a great place to relax for awhile!

Image @bali.on.me

GPS Coordinates      (-8.1918669,115.1848146)

Pucak Manik

This waterfall is located just west of Tamblingan Lake in north Bali. The concrete trails will lead you in as you’ll be surrounded by the lush vegetation. There are small bridges to cross, but it’s not a long hike until you reach this beauty.

Image @nie.marcello

GPS Coordinates     (8.2121888,115.1102865)


This waterfall is a popular stop amongst tours departing from Ubud to the north of Bali. It’s located right next to the twin lakes (Tamblingan & Buyan) which are also a must visit. You’ll take a lot of steps down (and up) to get to this fall, but the gorgeousness of it will surely be worth it! It’s surrounded by lush green vines and very picturesque.


GPS Coordinates     (-8.257199,115.0705559)


Blahmantung is a gorgeous waterfall in Tabanan region of Bali. It’s quite hidden, and located close to a small farming village of Pujungan. It’s surrounded by high cliffs which consist of coffee and clove plantations – some say you can even smell the coffee. It’s about an 800 meter hike in, but you won’t be disappointed by this 100 meter fall!

Image @gglandys
Image @audreysinggih

GPS Coordinates     (-8.3079719,115.0102835)


Singsing Waterfall is located 15 minutes by car or motorbike from Kalibukbuk in Lovina, Bali. There are signs pointing you in the right direction in the area, and it’s not hard to find. It is a series of 2 waterfalls, the smallest being the first you’ll approach. I’ve heard the second one is hard to find…People suggest you pay a “guide” (someone who will show you how to get there) a small fee for taking you up the correct trail to the bigger falls. A great place to swim as well!

Image @hanncheninoz

GPS Coordinates      (-8.184824, 115.000821)


Tibumana waterfall is a stunning hidden fall just up the river from the much more visited Rang Reng falls.  Tibumana is a 30 minute drive from Ubud and usually only toured by locals of the Bangunlemah Kawan Village. It’s only a 5-10 minute walk in from where you can park, and you’ll mostly likely be the only one there!

Image via Ryan Mazure

GPS Coordinates     (-8.5026038,115.3306548)

Yeh Empel

This waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery and extremely close to Tibumana waterfall, just outside of Ubud. It’s so close to the previous waterfall that you can walk between them. Try and find a local to show you the way…it’s not usually seen by tourists!

Image @brianpramudya

GPS Coordinates     (-8.5026893,115.3301698)

Goa Rang Reng

Goa Rang Reng is down the river from the previous two falls and on the smaller side. It’s more visited as it is easier to get to, but doesn’t have the same ‘wow factor’ that a lot of Bali’s other waterfalls do. Don’t get me wrong, you can cool off and take a swim and enjoy the surrounding wildlife and jungle as well!





GPS Coordinates     (-8.5158394,115.3316546,20.84)

Kanto Lampo

Even farther yet down the river from the above waterfalls is Kanto Lampo. It’s located in the Banjar Kelod Kangin, Beng village just 10 kilometers outside of Ubud. The falls are usually only strong after a heavy rain, so go here at your own risk. The moss covered boulders and little caves are an attraction all in themselves. The name Kanto Lampo is taken from the local name of the trees that grow a round orange fruit in the area. You will pay 5,000 IDR to enter (about $.50 USD).

Image @jacobwester
Image @shaka_lady

GPS Coordinates     (-8.5321073,115.3321951)

Dusun Kuning

Just northeast of Tibumana Waterfall lies Dusun Kuning Waterfall, in the village of Dusun Kuning. It’s a 300 meter walk in from the parking area, and RARELY visited by anyone. It stands about 25 meters tall and is surrounded by tropical plantations. If you stay for awhile, you’ll likely catching the monkeys jumping from tree to tree near the falls.

Image @thelucidlife

GPS Coordinates     (-8.4897751,115.3549747)


This is a very touristy spot and is just east of Ubud. You can find shops and restaurants surrounding it, which are great for a cold beer after your hike down and up the many stairs. It’s very easy to find and get to, and I believe the entrance fee is 15,000 IDR. The water is very muddy (brown) during rainy season, but don’t let that stop you from taking a swim.



GPS Coordinates     (-8.5754234,115.2883021)


Nungnung Waterfall is located in the Badung District of Bali and lies about 5 miles before the tallest bridge in Asia called Tukad Bangkung. It’s a long hike through hilly rice fields and down a large set of stairs to get to these falls, but the cool steam reflecting off the water helps you simmer down. You’ll pay 3,000 IDR to enter the falls.

Image via Jordan Crookes

GPS Coordinates     (-8.3297758,115.229405)


Aling-Aling waterfall is divided by two side-by-side falls giving it the double name. The water falls for about 35 meters from the high cliffs cover in lush green vegetation. It’s located in Sambangan village, Sukasada district, Bulelang regency and again will be quite a long hike through rice fields and down stairs to reach it. You can definitely swim in the pools at the bottom of the falls to cool down!

Image @kerenesia

GPS Coordinates      (-8.174084,115.104321)


To find the tranquility in the middle of chocolate plantation and surround by tropical trees, there is waterfall called Jembong Warerfall. There is a small bridge crossing the falls which make for amazing pictures!

Image @mybalidaily

GPS Coordinates      (-8.1880912,115.1172413)

Yeh Mampeh

This waterfall is located in the northern part of Bali, Buleleng Regency, at Les Village, Tejakula District. It stands about 30 meters high and is very clean and clear. Be prepared to see locals bathing here…nude males mostly. It’s surrounded by green hills and the air can be cool, since it’s in the north. There are actually 3 different falls in the area, but the other 2 are very hard to get to. Hire a local guide to help you find them. Otherwise enjoy the beautiful, secluded, Yeh Mampeh.

Image via flickr flankers3740

GPS Coordinates      (-8.149409,115.3643409)



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