The Perfect Day in Seminyak, Bali

Seminyak Bali

How to spend the perfect day in Seminyak, Bali? On the beach of course. Near the beach, there are some amazing cafes and restaurants that I’ll describe in more detail in posts to come.

Start the day at Revolver Espresso Cafe for breakfast. This place is legit…it’s tucked away in an alley, Australian owned, and has a super hipster decor/vibe. The food is delicious, and you can grab a meal and coffee for less than 8 USD.

Sign on the street
Front Door
Front Room
Back Room
Revolver Espresso Bali
Cafe Latte & Long Black Coffee
Revolver Espresso Cafe Bali
Egg’s Benedict – YUM


After breakfast, head to the beach. It’s only a short walk away. There are chairs with umbrellas you can pay anywhere from $4-$10 dollars to use, or find your spot on the sand. The ocean is warm, but the air is even warmer so it’s extremely refreshing.  If it’s your cup of tea, take some surf lessons. There are places that provide these all over the beach, and it shouldn’t cost you more than $10-20 USD for an hour. Don’t forget the sunscreen! The sun is so intense.

Surf Bali
Surf’s Up
Seminyak Beach Bali
Seminyak Beach


For lunch you can settle for one of the overpriced and not so great restaurants on the beach, but I suggest you save that for night time (apps & drinks) when it comes alive. So take a walk to Warung Bali Jambul. If you walk out of the main entrance of the Beach, and head straight down that road, you’ll eventually run into it on the right side. For 11,000 IDR or about $0.84 USD you can get what you see below…SO CHEAP, SO DELICIOUS, and sure to keep you full for awhile.

Bali Street Food
Rice, Noodles, Veggies, & Optional Spicy Sauce

After lunch you can head back to the beach or explore the shops surrounding it. You will find higher-end shops/boutiques, and little “touristy” shops & markets filled with bracelets, shirts, sandals, etc. where you’ll bargain with the store owners. You shouldn’t pay any more than a few dollars for a T-Shirt. Always start low when bargaining and hold your ground! If you start walking away, they’ll usually take the price you offered.

Seminyak Flea Market
Seminyak Fleamarket
flea market
Seminyak Fleamarket
Seminyak Fleamarket
Seminyak Bali
Seminyak Streets

Make sure you don’t miss sunset at the beach. Get a beer for 25,000 IDR (2 USD), sit down and relax. I’d get there by 5, and watch the sun set until about 6.

Bintang Seminyak Bali
Bali’s Finest

Sunset Seminyak BaliSunset Seminyak Bali

If you want a break, head back to your hotel to shower and recollect. Get yourself ready for a beautiful lively night on Seminyak Beach. There are tons of restaurants on the beach who set out bean bags and little tables for you to eat or drink at. At some places, you can even smoke hookah. Its very busy around 6-7 pm so go a little earlier or later. These places are more pricey due to tourism, so if you’re looking for cheap, go inland.

Seminyak Beach Bali
Nighttime Beach Vibes

If you want more of a party after your first couple of drinks, walk up-beach to Potato Head Beach Club. This is the most popular night club in the Seminyak area.

potato head beach club bali
Image via Mixmag Asia
potato head beach club bali
Image via

Are you walking home? Wonderful. If not, you can use apps like Grab, Uber, or GO-JEK to get a ride (or take your rented motorbike if you’re sober). Although, the local transport/taxi service has the control of transport near the beach resorts – see below. You’ll need to walk a bit inland in order for Grab, etc. to pick you up. Why not just use a taxi? It’s about 5 times as expensive as the apps I mentioned.

Bali Indonesia

There you have it friends, the best way to spend a day in Seminyak, Bali!

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