5 Apps You Need In Asia



Text (video & audio too), call and video message for free when connected to Wifi. This is the main source of international communication. You can also use it to communicate off Wifi, but data charges may apply when roaming.



This is the cheapest and easiest way to ‘grab’ a taxi or car in Asia. You will be charged a flat rate, and know exactly how much before you book. I recommend using GrabCar instead of GrabTaxi – it’s cheaper. You’ll find Uber in Asia, but it’s not as low-priced.



You can use this app to score yourself just about anything. From a ride, to food, to a massage, to tickets, they are at your service.

I most commonly use this app to get food, alcohol, or groceries delivered, but their taxi service is also pretty popular. Although, I’ve found that Grab is cheaper to get a ride.

gojek explanation.jpg


You’ve probably heard of TripAdvisor before. It’s a wonderful source of reviews, and place to find restaurants, hotels, attractions, etc. near you.

tripadvisor explanation.png


Use this app to send money for free. It’s very helpful if you’re traveling in groups, and splitting the costs of things like taxis or dinner. It’s totally safe and secure, and easy to use.

venmo explanation.png


Thanks for reading & remember to stay safe!

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