Arriving in Bali, Indonesia

beach bali

In early March 2016 my friend and I decided to spontaneously book a month+ long stay in Bali, Indonesia. I’ve been before, and fell in love, and was dying to go back. We made it happen – and so can you. We booked our AirBnb, paid for our $600 one-way flight, saved our money, and 6 months later we were on our way. Our 5 week adventure in Bali, Indonesia has finally begun!


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Here are some tips on how to make your arrival hassle free:

  1. When you get off the plane, quickly make your way to the immigration line (follow the crowd). There will be a line, so the sooner you get there the better.
  2. Have your passport out and ready. A 30 day visa is FREE.
  3. After you make it through the initial check, you will grab your bags and go through another customs area, where you will hand them the customs form you were given on the plane.
  4. If your hotel or host planned a for a driver to pick you up, you will be greeted with a sign with your name on it. If not, you will see taxi companies all around (you will most likely be approached). They will take your information, you will pay, and they will walk you to your driver. Ask your host how much you should expect to pay, so you’re not over-paying. I paid 200,000 IDR ($15 USD) to get to Kerobokan (outer Seminyak).

I’m staying in a beautiful AirBnb in a gated community, Nata-T House.

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The pool is a 30 second walk away and is the best part about our temporary home!

We are occupying the second floor of the house, (bedroom, bathroom, balcony) and it costs only $400 per month. So cheap, which makes traveling here so manageable.

We are about a 10 minute drive from Seminyak Beach (great for surfing), which is surrounded by shops and restaurants. From the little exploring we’ve done so far, I think we are going to love everything about our stay.

The 13 hour time change from my hometown, as well as the 30 hours of traveling to get here caused me to have some fatigue. So, I’ve just been settling in. Stay tuned for the adventures ahead!

How to pack for such a trip?! I can tell you…

Keep up with more of my Bali expeditions and travel tips on my website. Cheers!





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