Colorado Road Trippin’

colorado road trip

I try to make it out to Colorado as much as possible during the year. I haven’t visited nearly every state in the USA, but Colorado has to be my favorite of those I’ve been to.

For the third time this year, I took a road trip out to Colorado for the wedding of good friends. We stayed an extra few days to camp and see other friends that live there.

The drive is about 16 hours from Milwaukee, WI. The more people in the car, the better (more drivers). It may seem long, but it’s really not all that bad.

We arrived in Boulder on Friday, and stayed in an Airbnb in the mountains. I wasn’t asked to promote this place – but I’m going to because it was that awesome.

Check out the spot below –

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We stayed in Boulder for the wedding, which was absolutely spectacular. It was held at Flagstaff Sunrise Amphitheater, which had the sickest views. Even if you’re not going there for an event, it is an awesome place to hike, with lots of trails.

Views from the venue


The beautiful Bride & Groom

After the wedding, we headed to the Boulder Tea House for the reception. What an amazing place to have a party, so gorgeous.

The next day we went for a hike at Lost Lake in Nederlands, CO. We took some friends advice to follow an unbeaten path, and ended up getting totally lost ha. We still saw some gorgeous waterfalls and had a great time!

Where the trail starts to Lost Lake


After we finally  made it back to our car we headed out to Fairplay, Colorado (in the South Park region) to meet up with some other friends. On the drive, there were some killer views –




Camping is a must in Colorado, in my eyes. There is nothing compared to waking up watching the sun rise over the mountains. That night we camped near the summit of Mt. Sherman and Mt. Sheridan. In our friends jeep, we drove as far up County Rd 18 (off Highway 285) in Fairplay, as we could. We set up camp in the dark, but it was totally worth it. We were at about 13,000 feet, so it gets really cold at night.

The spot:



We were greeted by a lot of hikers heading up to the summit in the morning. It’s a tough hike – if you’re interested.

We packed up and headed back into town and grabbed some food and coffee at Java Moose. This place is the happenin’ spot in Fairplay, and if you’re not there early or late, it’s super busy (but sooo good).

We wanted to camp again, so we started figuring out our plan for that. We snagged a campsite in the valley of Weston Pass, on County Road 5.  There is an actual campground there, but if you keep driving you’ll find awesome spots with even better views. We set up camp and relaxed most of the day…Until we decided to drive up to the top. On the way up we got a flat tire. Thank goodness for the spare, and a few beers to keep us busy. We explored around where we got momentarily stranded and I’m so happy that we did…I even got to break in my new Rallt Hammock ~

The happy Jeep owner


Happy me in my Rallt Hammock


Weston Pass
Weston Pass
Gorgeous views

After another night of camping, we headed back into town and parted ways with our friends. We drove back into Denver to drop a friend off at the airport, and started planning our third night of camping.

Reluctant for beauty, we drove back out to the Fairplay area, close to Breckenridge to camp at Blue Lakes,  Mt. Quandary.  We drove all the way up to the top (as far as a car can go) and explored the area. We also decided to camp at the top ~


Blue Lakes
My camp partna



Again, it gets really cold at night so prepare for that aspect if you decide to camp out there.

In the morning we woke up to a guest…


Mountain goats can be aggressive, so keep your distance and don’t turn your back on them!

Unfortunately, this is where our trip came to an end, and it was time to start the drive back to Wisconsin.

COLORADO – I love you. 

Maybe moving here in the near future? Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading friends and I hope you get your lovely selves out to CO!

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