Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

plitvice lakes croatia

Plitvice Lakes was one destination on my bucketlist before I started traveling. I probably won’t be satisfied in life if I don’t visit there again – it’s that amazing.

We stayed in the largest city in Croatia, Zagreb for a few nights. We had a group of 7, so we rented an apartment near the main city center. Since we knew how beautiful Croatia’s landscape is, we decided to spend our time outside of the city taking day tours.

The first tour we took was with Raftrek, and consisted of kayaking down rapids in the Mreznica Canyon, and cliff jumping. It was 35 euro, and sooooo much fun. Our guide’s name was Filip, he was extremely friendly and I couldn’t have asked for better! We got to jump off a 27 ft cliff, kayak over rapids and waterfalls, swim, and even drink the extraordinarily fresh water. The water was pretty cold, so they provide wetsuits for you to wear.

Quick stop for a picture on the way to the Canyon – Croatia’s beauty is unreal!
The Crew
Our kayaks, and our guide (with the dreads =))
One of the small waterfalls we kayaked down!
The cleanest & clearest fresh water. 

Filip himself, picked us up and dropped us off at the apartment we were staying at. I would recommend this tour company to anyone.

That night we got dinner in the city, and walked around a bit. We all went to sleep early, preparing for the next day at Plitvice Lakes.

We used a tour company called IhBus – I can’t seem to find anything about them online, maybe they closed? Ha, anyway, there are TONS of tours taking people to the lakes. We paid 55 euro for a private bus for the 7 of us, and had a guided tour. You can choose to not have a guide, and explore for yourself. I would say either way you’ll enjoy it equally. We brought our own lunches, and lucked out with an absolutely gorgeous day.

There are wooden boardwalks throughout the lakes, where you’ll find endless waterfalls, with the clearest blue water, filled with fish.

Take a look…


Just one of the many parts of the lakes from a distance – MASSIVE
A view from above




Hopefully you agree with me on how stunning and magical this place truly is. I hope to make it back for both the fall and winter months, to get a whole new perspective.

In my 23 countries traveled, Croatia had to be one of the most beautiful, and tranquil places. It does have an economy on the rocks, so help them out by traveling there and spending your $! =)

Tip to know – Tours will want you to pay in euro, but the rest of Croatia expects the Kuna, their country’s currency. The Kuna has a value much less than the Euro, and it is almost insulting to try to pay within local stores with the Euro, because they believe switching to the Euro will crash their economy. Be aware of this, and sensitive to the fact of suffering economies around the world.

I think I can speak for all my fellow travelers and say how much we loved Croatia!


Visit Croatia = You must visit Plitvice Lakes.

Thanks for reading friends!

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  1. Beautiful! We are going to Croatia next week so I absolutely loved reading your post – makes even more excited! Last summer we visited the KRKA national park and the lakes and waterfalls there, another magical place to add to your places to visit, this time we are going to Dubrovnik area. Thanks for this great post! Karoliina

    1. That’s so great! You should check out my Dubrovnik blog for ideas on what to do there!

      1. I’ll definitely do that – thanks!

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