Dubrovnik Daze

Dubrovnik, Croatia. Best known for the main filming site for Game of Thrones. Such a breathtaking place to see, explore, and indulge in.


The ‘Old Town’ part of the city is enclosed by one giant wall, which you can walk on top of. You can see it pictured above. This area is where most of the action is, with great shops and restaurants.

How to get around? Walking is your best bet, if you don’t stay too far from the ocean that is. Otherwise, there are taxis, and a public bus that you can take.

Where to stay? I’d AirBnb this one, or find an apartment to rent. Everything is pretty cheap, and you can find a good deal. We used AirBnb to rent an apartment overlooking the ocean (see below). The renter picked us up, and drove us back to the airport – that’s service.  We stayed about a 15 minute walk from the Old Town.

View from our apartment

What I did there:

  • Walk the old city wall. I’ve already mentioned the wall that surrounds Old Town. It’s really massive, and so beautiful to walk. They say it takes about 3 hours, but if you’re moving at a decent pace and not stopping every 2 seconds, it’ll probably take you a little over an hour. Bring your student ID! You get a fatty discount.
View of Old Town from the Wall
My Crew 
Peek holes in the wall
Wall from a distance
  • Went inside the Dubrovnik Castle. Obviously, this castle is no longer operating, since it’s a tourist destination. The picture right above this is actually taken from the castle. It over looks much of Dubrovnik. This also costs $$$ but you, again, get a discount with a student ID.
Dubrovnik Castle

Let’s just take a second to appreciate how clear and clean this water is =). See those kayakers? That could be you. Heard it was around $40 to do.

View from Castle
  • Take the cable car to the top of the mountain, to get a view overlooking the city and the ocean. Everyone in the city knows about this, and where it is, so if you can’t find it by sight, just ask how to get there. You buy tickets on arrival, and take the cable car for a short 5-10 minutes up. I think it was about $10 – worth it. Go for sunset!!! Easily one of the best views OF MY LIFE.


Inland View



  • Cliff jump and drink at the bars within the cliffs. Cliff jumping and drinking maybe don’t mix the best, so be safe…ha. We went to one bar at night for a couple drinks, and did the cliff jumping during the day. The most popular bar is called Buza Bar, and there is another one up to the right a bit that we jumped from (ask someone).
My Pals
30 feet – just do it!
  • Bonji Beach. There are tons of beach chairs you can sit on, but they try to make you pay for it…in other words, bring a towel. There’s also a really cool/expensive bar you can indulge in.
Bonji Beach
Bar Seating
  • Take a day trip to the islands by boat. We paid 33 euro, for an all day tour visiting 3 islands. The cost includes a delicious lunch, and all you can drink wine and ropa (not sure how it’s spelled…it’s really strong booze). If you get sea sick, or the least bit of motion sickness..take dramamine. Basically just take it anyway…you will not be sorry.

Island 1 – It was a little rainy, prepare for the chance of it. We had about 45 minutes here, we got some coffee and hiked around.


Island 2 – Full on rain happened. We got a beer and I personally walked around a bit…the smallest of the 3 islands.

Bigger white boat = Our ride

Island 3 – Spent the most time here. The sun came out, we went swimming and laid on the beach. We also checked out a gorgeous botanical garden.


Post swimming – They love me. 

We arrived back to the marina safely, and got escorted back to our apartment (transportation was also included with the tour).

Dubrovnik Marina

All in all, that tour was greatly priced for everything we got. I wish I could remember exactly where it was called, but just do your research =).

There are tons of extremely touristy restaurants in Dubrovnik…don’t go to them. They are overpriced and the food sucks. Find the most authentic restaurant off the beaten path that you can. Pizza isn’t their specialty, but we found this kick ass place that we kept going back to…Pizzeria Tabasco. It’s near the cable car!

…I got a really cool picture of a cloud there, so I’m just going to leave this here.


Thanks for reading, CHEERS friends, & go to Croatia!!!


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