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The book read: Permission Marketing by Seth Godin

This book is a wonderful persuasion as to why you should focus solely on permission marketing instead of interruption marketing. Everyday we are interrupted by thousands of ads, (commercials, print ads, radio ads, etc), that create a lot of clutter in our lives. We are unlikely to pay attention to these interruptions, because were are usually not interested, nor want to stop what we are doing to pay attention.

Permission marketing allows you to receive permission from the consumer to market to them, so that your interactions are relevant, and expected. The book explains how to go about obtaining permission, using it, and leveraging it.

Great read, and highly recommended to anyone interested in boosting their marketing knowledge!

My thoughts:

  • Get permission to sell to consumers (ask for their email) through interactive dialogue. “A business can now ask a customer directly if he’d like more information and then deliver it. A business can now reward a customer for receiving and acknowledging it’s message, ensuring that the consumers own interest is served by learning about a new product or service.”
    • How? Offer a coupon or cash incentive. Play a game. Accumulate points. Sponsor a contest or drawing. Offer birthday gifts. Free samples.
  • Interruption marketing is the old way…interrupt what the viewers are doing and get them to think about something else (commercials, print ads, etc.).
  • “Mass media is dead. Long live niche media!”
  • A catch 22 of interruption marketing is, “the more they spend the less it works. The less it works the more they spend.”
  • The problems with this catch 22:
    • Human beings have a finite amount of attention.
    • Human beings have a finite amount of money.
    • The more products offered, the less money there is to go around.
    • In order to capture more attention and more money, Interruption Marketers must increase spending.
    • Increase in marketing exposure costs big money.
    • Spending more and more money in order to get bigger returns leads to ever more clutter.
    • Anticipated – people look forward to hearing from you.
    • Personal – the messages are directly related to the individual.
    • Relevant – the marketing is about something the prospect is interested in
  • You need to provide the consumer a benefit for paying attention!
  • The incentive can be a sweepstakes, information, entertainment, or outright payment for the prospects attention. The incentive must be overt, obvious, and clearly delivered. 
  • Once you have the prospects attention, it is much easier to teach him about your product. You can focus on specific ways the product will help this prospect.
  • The ability to talk freely overtime is the most powerful element of this marketing approach.
  • You must reinforce the incentive. Overtime it will wear out. You can fine tune incentives for each consumer.
  • It’s wiser to focus more on increasing sales to a smaller percentage of your existing customers than to find new ones.
  • You need to be frequent when advertising. Repeat yourself, drive it home.
  • When you increase your frequency by 100%, you usually increase your effectiveness by 400%.
  • Marketing guru, Jay Levinson, figures you have to run an ad 27 times against one individual before it has its desired impact. Only 1 out of 9 ads is seen, and you’ve got to see it at least 3 times before it sinks in.
  • The most trusted brand is also the most profitable.
  • Permission marketing replaces continuing interruption with ongoing interaction. 
  • Once you know that the vast majority of people you target want to hear from you, frequency starts looking pretty attractive. When you can use the new media to deliver that frequency for free, you’ve hit a home run.
  • The highest and best level of permission is intravenous. You as a consumer are giving the company permission to spend your money. You pay ahead of time for products or services..automatic replenishment of water jugs or milk. Subscriptions, etc.
  • Use points programs!
  • “Permission leveraged is permission enhanced. Permission rented is permission lost.” If you give your email for one news letter and that company rents your email to another you are not interested in, you will stop paying attention.
  • Really think about how you can get people to come back to your website…what can you offer?
  • Permission marketing rewards individuals for giving up their anonymity.
  • There are 10 questions to ask when evaluating any marketing program:
    • What’s the bait?
    • What does an incremental permission cost?
    • How deep is the permission that is granted?
    • How much does incremental frequency cost?
    • What’s the active response rate to communications?
    • What are the issues regarding compression?
    • Is the company treating the permission as an asset?
    • How is the permission being leveraged?
    • How is the permission level being increased?
    • What is the expected lifetime of one permission?
  • An interruption marketing is a hunter. It involves loading a gun with bullets and shooting until you hit something. You can take a day or a week or a month off and it won’t take you long to get back into successfully bagging a few.
  • A permission marketer is a farmer. It involves hoeing, planting, watering, and harvesting. It’s infinitely more predictable, but it takes regular effort and focus. If you take one month off, you might lose your entire crop. On the other hand, farming scales. Once you get good at it, you can plant ever more seeds and harvest ever more crops. 
  • The moment you sell the data you collect, you have devalued the permission you were granted!
  • Opt-in marketing is much better than opt-out. Opt-out takes power away from the consumer and provides a flimsy opportunity for the marketer.
  • Test your marketing strategy. Testing is discipline. Test the length, the pricing, the voice, the creative execution, the reward systems, the compression, the demographics of respondents – everything you can imagine.

Go get permission from your consumers to continue to market to them, and sell, sell, sell. Good luck and thanks for reading!

You can purchase Permission Marketing here.

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