Venice, Italy

You’ll probably train into Venice, and when you get there you will fall in love…We all know how romantic Venice is supposed to be, and it truly is. Right out of the train station there are water taxis you can take. Take the public form of transportation they offer (yes its on the water, there are no cars in Venice). DO NOT take a private water taxi!!! They will charge you like $20 per person for a 5 minute ride (unless you’ve got money to blow).

Remember, Venice is made up of 118 little islands intersected by 150 canals and linked by 400 bridges…it’s way bigger than we assume.

Public transportation boat pictured on the far right

We arrived at night, and went straight to our Air B&B. If you are traveling with a lot of people, it is almost worth it to split hotel rooms or Air B&B’s rather than hostels.

After we got settled in, we took a stroll and went out for a late dinner. There are amazing restaurants everywhere, you won’t be disappointed with what you pick.

venice 2.jpg
From our evening stroll 

The next day, it was really really hot. We did some sight-seeing, but also spent a lot of time eating and drinking, to get out of the sun.

Piazza San Marco is right near the water, and is the main square in Venice. Apparently it’s just as amazing at night. If you’re looking for a great restaurant, venture a little further off the path of the main square. You’ll find more authenticity.

Piazza San Marco
Doge’s Palace in Piazza San Marco

Right next to the main square is the Correr Museum. It has amazing architecture and paintings inside.

Museo Correr
Museo Correr
Water outside Piazza San Marco

Go to the Bridge of Sigh’s. It is an old prison, and the prisoners would walk over the bridge and get their last glimpse of outside life.

venice 10.jpg
Bridge of Sighs

As I mentioned, Venice is made up of multiple islands. We went to Murano, which is famous for its glass blowing. They also have a canal filled with vibrant, colorful houses (we never found it).

venice 1.jpg
Boat ride back from Murano

We also took a gondola ride. Honestly, it’s not worth it (again, unless you have money to blow). It only lasts about 30 minutes and its about $25 per person. It was still really pretty though.

Venice is truly peaceful and charming! Spend some time there, I didn’t get to see enough.

Thanks for reading and I hope you make it to Venice!!!

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