Danke, Germany

castle germany

I’m German. A lot of people from Wisconsin are. I was really excited to go there because it’s where I’m from! I wasn’t surprised when the landscape reminded me a lot of my home state, (besides the mountains of course).

We trained into Munich, Germany and walked from the train station to our hotel, Art Hotel Munich. This hotel is perfectly great and has a delicious complimentary breakfast.

Right off the bat we planned a day trip to Neuschwanstein Schloss (Castle). This is one of Walt Disney’s inspirations for Disney castles. If you’ve read my other posts, you know what Sandeman’s tours are. We took a Sandeman’s day tour to the castle for 37 euro, which is a great price. We took the train with the tour to the Bavarian Alps, where the castle is located. It cost an additional 12 euro to get into the castle…the tour lasted about 1 hour.

Neuschwanstein Schloss
Neuschwanstein Schloss
View from Neuschwanstein
Neuschwanstein Schloss
Neuschwanstein Schloss

There is a really cool bridge you’ll see everyone funneling to, to get the view of the castle you see pictured above.

The woods around the castle are vast, and filled with cool little critters.

Woods around castle
Snail time

After we got back to Munich, we went to the Augustiner Brewery…a big beer hall with traditional picnic table type seating and band playing. We all had a mass of beer (liter) and the best food everrrr. I had pork with a huge schnitzel ball, warm red cabbage, and gravy. Obsessed.


It was pretty late after dinner, so we grabbed some Franziskaner (my favorite German beer) and went back to the hotel. We learned from the local store that the Franziskaner Brewery was right near there, but we never made it (I was sad about this).

The next day we did a bike tour called, Mike’s Bike Tours, that cost 21 euro. Since we were on bikes, I couldn’t photograph everything (or write down what everything was called), so checkout their website to see what it all includes. The tour starts in Marienplatz, which you should check out regardless.


Atiner Church


People surf on the Eisbach River …its so bad ass.

Eisbach River surfing!

The tour also took us to the massive green space in Munich called the English Garden, which also has a beer garden within it where we ate lunch and drank beer. The food was kick ass as well.

After the tour, we pretty much got on our train to the next destination – Prague!

Don’t forget to eat pretzels and brats, and drink lots of beer!




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