Change is Growth

The book read: The New New Thing by Michael Lewis

This book is about the life of billionaire Jim Clark, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and overall interesting character. Learn about how Jim paved the way for the tech world, all of his inventions and companies, and how he still had fun doing it. Michael Lewis follows the once owner of Silicon Graphics and Netscape around and documents his life.

To give you a sneak peak friends…this guy made the first internet browser happen (Netscape). He  invented the smart TV. When you go to the doctor and they already know all your personal and insurance info and bill the insurance company…he made that happen. He’s kind of a big deal.

My thoughts:

  • “Silicon Valley to the USA is what the USA is to the rest of the world.”
  • Engineers rule the US economy.
  • Growth is just another worth for change.
  • All people are given the same ingredients…it’s what you make of them.
  • Concepts are recipes.
  • For a company to succeed, it always has to be looking to destroy itself, if it didn’t, someone else would.
  • Technology exists long before it’s worked into society. Human growth is much slower than that of technology, and we take much longer to adapt. Ex. The smart TV existed and piloted in the early 90’s but no one saw a use for it. Today they are “new” and cool.
  • The only way to preserve your situation in valley life was to create a monopoly…Microsoft.
  • True success..for when there is no real distinction between work and play.
  • You make money by changing the world.
  • Jim’s outsiderliness is what gave him his unusual view of the world. He could see human society in ways that most businessmen could not, because he was not very much a part of the business world.
  • If you’re going to do anything worth doing, you’ll need a group of committed people.
  • Be smart enough to know when not to trust yourself.
  • Clark said that Netscape made anarchy respectable.
  • Wealth generation is suppressed by those who are supposedly most interested in wealth. 
  • Changes in technology are not simple matters. Often they change the way people interact with their surroundings, and with each other.
  • In order to keep investors interested (your stock price rising) you have to remain in a state of pure possibility. The minute investors understand what you are doing, they will hold you in a lower estimation. 
  • There are more conceivable possibilities than realized outcomes…the world as we know if is a result of a long string of chance outcomes. – Paul Romer

Jim Clark was a true idea man and a so-so businessman. He had a group of dedicated people who turned his ideas into real life. Although he was a brilliant computer engineer as well, he truly loved creating ideas and letting others help them come to life.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy!

You can purchase here:
The New New Thing: A Silicon Valley Story

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