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Another wonderful book read: The Undefeated Mind, by Alex Lickerman, MD. He tells his life story and the many struggles he went through. He trained his mind through meditation and other practices to regain strength and control of his life. His advice on achieving an undefeated mind is next to none, and a must read!

My questions and thoughts:

  • Creating value for others is the key to attaining happiness for ourselves. Helping others enhances our sense of purpose, which determines the value we assign to our lives.
  • What kind of value you do you want to create? What is your mission? The things that excite us in life are merely strategies to make us happy. What is the deeper meaning behind them, the reason we enjoy them?
  • What obstacles discourage us? Finding them will enable us to isolate them in our minds from all the other obstacles that haven’t.
  • Try and fail and try and fail. The more failures, the more successes, the more obstacles you face, the better you will be at overcoming them.
  • Success comes to those who persist!
  • The more concrete our goals, the more likely we are to achieve them.
  • When wanting to avoid a temptation, do or think about something else that pleasures you.
  • Recognize that the energy required to initiate a desired behavior often needs to be even lower than we expect; ex. Moving the treadmill from the basement to the living room.
  • Negative feedback helps when it signals insufficient progress.
  • Turn failures into even greater successes!
  • We should consider all experiences as an opportunity to become happier. Remove good and bad labels on things.
  • Don’t try to convince yourself you’re not going to fail, stop paying attention to the possibility of failure.
  • Responsibility is the greatest motivation. It makes us feel compelled to do something.
  • Find positives in uncontrollable bad events, experiences, and circumstances.
  • Use gratitude to improve overall life quality. Write a list of what you are thankful for, before going to sleep.
  • Bad things are going to happen…we will lose people and things we’re attached to. Prepare yourself for these things, accept they happen outside control, and find ways to be joyous elsewhere. Let go; ex. Getting divorced – notice you need not suffer forever, decide to make a change, date again, and let go of the past.
  • If you lose something good, recreate that good thing in some other way.
  • We as humans need to increase our compassion. Understanding each other leads to compassion.


Get in control of your mind.

You can purchase here:
The Undefeated Mind: On the Science of Constructing an Indestructible Self

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